Coping with the loss of our pet birds

“Coping with the death of your beloved pet bird”

“As a bird lover I find it hard to understand the attitude of so many people at the loss of someone’s pet bird, be it the smaller variety like a budgie or cockatiel, or a bigger parrot such as a cockatoo:

“Oh, it’s just a cockatiel”, “You can buy another bird tomorrow”,

“It’s not like you’ve lost a relative or something.”

This of course does little to help you during the grieving process.

These people’s comments cannot be further from the truth. We’re talking about your beloved pet bird – a companion that gave you unconditional love for 10 to 50 years, that you trained from a 3-month old chick, that wandered around after you wherever you ventured in the house and shared food from your plate each day!”


“How to Cope with Losing A Bird”

“The loss of the sole companion of a person who lives alone is probably the most difficult to endure. If there are several birds in the household and other family members, there are always distractions…Taking on a bird that needs a new home can be very rewarding…Some Parrot rescue organizations foster Parrots out until they can find permanent homes”