Coping with the loss of our pet reptiles

“Grieving after snake’s death”

“Last month however, I lost my absolute favourite snake, Calamity my hypo black rat. I still find myself tearing up when I talk about her and when I post her photos for others. I haven’t been this low about others (which makes me feel bad for them as well as stupid).”

Grieving an ‘unusual’ pet: Finding support when some people don’t understand your loss

“When researching this blog, we read through forums for people who are passionate about caring for reptiles, fish, spiders and many other animals. One of the most striking things was that there were so many posts from people saying, “I’m scared you’re going to laugh at me but I’m in so much pain after losing my snake (for example) and no-one seems to understand”.

It seems that exotic pet carers can feel even more invisible and disenfranchised in their grief than people who lose more ‘conventional’ pets such as dogs or cats.

But the pain is just as real and valid.”