Human Beings and Our Dogs

Mourning The Loss Of A Dog

“Losing a pet is just as devastating a loss as any family member.

You can’t fully heal from the loss if you don’t let yourself express what it is that you’re feeling.

That is why it’s healthy to talk about it.

Talk about the happy or silly times you shared with your pet, be honest about your struggles, tell a trusted friend or family member how much you miss your pet”

Coping with the loss of our pet dogs and best friends

The death of a much-loved dog is sometimes followed by regrets and self-doubt.

“When we lose a canine companion, self-critical thoughts and feelings may become a part of our grief.

We may disproportionally focus on our perceived failures and imperfections rather than view our actions as those of someone doing her or his best to stand by a canine loved one during painful circumstances.

This is known as “moral pain,” and fortunately, there are things we can do to relieve it.”


“My dog died two months ago, and I still cry every day”  “Many of us consider our pets to be family members, and losing one can be incredibly painful.

In 2017, The New England Journal of Medicine reported a case of a woman so grief-stricken by the death of her dog, she exhibited symptoms of “broken heart syndrome” — a condition where extreme emotional distress causes symptoms that mimic those of an actual heart attack.”

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Accidental Loss of a Pet

The Washington Post:

Coping with a pet’s accidental death — especially when you blame yourself

““People often felt embarrassed and isolated in their grief for a pet,” she said. “However deep those bonds go for whatever it is that you loved, that’s how deeply you’re often going to grieve.” She also said people can develop post-traumatic stress disorder from witnessing their pet accidentally die. “With couples or families, you either pull apart or pull together in this crisis,”

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