Coping with the loss of our horses, ponies, cows, goats and other livestock.

Horse And Rider:

“How to deal with losing your horse”

The weight of responsibility:

The loss of your horse can come with complicated emotions unique to animal bereavement. If you’ve made the hard decision to put him to sleep, your grieving process may start from the moment the call is made. You may feel guilty or angry at your self, or worry that you’ve made the wrong choice. These feelings are normal and it can often help to chat with your vet to help mitigate the idea that you could have done something differently.”

Beautiful Mo:

“What you can do before and during the loss”

“I’ve found these things to be helpful for myself. Take what you need. Give yourself ample time to grieve’

  • If you have time before, write a letter to your horse and place it with them after.
  • Reach out for help to other horse people…”


The Chronicle of the Horse:

Death With Dignity: Why I Chose To Put My Horse Down On A ‘Good’ Day

“For the next 26 years, Dapper was my constant in life. Through ups and downs…my sweet Dapper was always there…I would do everything in my power to give him a peaceful and happy last day, one free of prolonged suffering, tragedy or a frantic get-here-now call to the vet.”